Hardware Requirements

The analysis of live network data is a resource intensive task. The bottom line is this: if you throw hardware at ROCK it will use it, and use it well. The higher the IOPS the better. Here's a starting point to get you moving:

CPU 4 or more physical cores
Memory 16GB (8GB is doable, 16 is better)
Storage 256GB, with 200+ of that dedicated to /data, SSD preferred
Network 2 gigabit interfaces, one for management and one for collection

NOTE: We've put together a video series that goes into some good detail on hardware choices for both sensor and network equipment. A more in-depth hardware guide can also be found in the development section.


INSTALL - walkthrough installing ROCK on your platform of choice.


USAGE - configuring interfaces and managing functions.


TROUBLESHOOTING - guide to dealing with some of the most common issues.

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