Bro is used for full packet analysis within ROCK. It is extremely customizable, and it is encouraged that you take advantage of this.

When deploying custom Bro scripts, please be sure to store them under a subdirectory of {{ bro_site_dir }}/scripts/. We can't guarantee that your customizations won't be overwritten by Ansible if you don't follow this pattern.



Bro is deployed as a systemd unit, called bro. Normal systemd procedures apply here:

sudo systemctl start bro
sudo systemctl status bro
sudo systemctl stop bro
sudo systemctl restart bro

Note: Do not use broctl for management. This has the potential to cause a lot of heartburn with directory permissions if executed improperly. If you must use broctl, be sure to execute it as the bro user and bro group.

sudo -u bro -g bro /usr/bin/broctl

File System Paths

  • Home
    • /usr/share/bro/
  • Data
    • /data/bro/logs/current/{stream_name.log}
  • Application Logs
    • /data/bro/logs/current/{stdout.log, stderr.log}

Note: By default, Bro will write ASCII logs to the data path above AND write JSON directly to Kafka. In general, you will be accessing the Bro data from Elasticsearch via Kibana.

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